How To Cheak Fake or Real Website ? Tips To Identify FAKE Website

How To Cheak Fake or Real Website:

Friends, sometimes you have a massege that tells you to click on it and earn money, and many more such masseges come to you like you rotate this wheel and make money, such massege will make you very stupid So, if you want to know How To Cheak Fake or Real Website, then you have come to the right post. We will give you complete information about this today, if the information sounds good then you can share my post, it will not Waste your time.

How To Cheak Fake or Real Website ? Tips To Identify FAKE Website
How To Cheak Fake or Real Website 

Cheak Fake or Real Website 

The first point is that if you are opening any website, then you have to look at its URL, how that website Start is from http, or https, if that website starts with https That website can be 80% Real. But in today's time everyone gets https free. So this is 90% of the points that will not work, since nowadays all the websites will keep you using https.

Now that second point comes, you can find out which website is real and what is fake, then whatever website is linked to it, then some people put their mind on it, which is a link, short URL ShortURL means that the link will look small and you can create whatever you want, but when you click on that link, that little link will automatically change into a big link, and you have opened a short URL. long URL means the website that will open, and the link that will open You have to see what is happening after the dot in the end, assuming that there is something above the government agency, the Prime Minister's house plan is going on, or the Ayushman Bharat scheme is going on, the government gives you some servises. Whatever is the government that the website offers, you have to look behind it, that website ends at /, then the government which will send you the website, you have to see / this. It is not getting that and it is also to see whether they look exactly the same or not, you have to look at the best that if the domain is right or not, as if there is an examination, then you will see the dome which you will see. / This is where you have to take care of these things that what you have come to have conncet you directy from any exam, from a government agency or a big agency, then you have to see all that .gov .in /, / will come in the last, if there are such websites .in Examination, .in .com, .org is coming so it is a domain whoever buys that website is not real.

Now the third way is to find out the website to know when the website is created ie what is the age of its domain. Is it made 2 months ago Is it made a year ago or the wheels are so old, so to see that we have a website that speaks to then this is whois, whenever there is a whistle, all the information It is desirable that this domain is named after which you can see any website that you have been able to throw, if the website is to be frozen then it must have been created in a hurry, the real website will be old.

If any website speaks to your information as soon as it opens, then one thing must be taken into account that the website is asking you to provide your information, how much he has given information to his website, you have to look at his website about that How much information is given without knowing anything or unintentionally, do not give any information to any website, then they can hack your mobile or system.

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