The Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2019

Here are the Top 5 most anticipated movies of 2019 according to the traffic on our title pages.

1. ''Captain Marvel''

It may be one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Captain Marvel is less famous than the Iron Man, Captain America or Thor's choice. Therefore, MCU fans have woken up at the end of the Avengers: Infinity War to get more information about the characters and film for IMDB. Set in 1995, the film will focus on the former fighter pilot Carol Denver (Brie Larson), which becomes Captain Marvel when the earth gets stuck in the middle of an alien war. Most of Captain Marvel Plot remains hidden in the mystery, which holds high interest throughout the year (killer trailers did not hurt, either) and strengthened our place at the top of our list. Roll on March 2019!

2. ''Dark Phoenix''

One of the most prestigious stories in X-Men history is coming out on a big screen. X-Men: After the events of Apocalypse, there will be Dark Phoenix, and James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and "Game of Thrones" star as James Gray or Phoenix will bring Sophie Turner back. On top of that, another IMDb will be involved in fan-favorite cast - Jessica Chastain, who is in the role of mysterious character "Smith". "Apart from this, we have been promising X-Men ... so it is no surprise that Dark Phoenix comes in number 3 on this list.

3. ''It: Chapter Two''

When it killed box office last year, there was little doubt that we will get the sequel (again, the film's end has made it very clear). The stately children need to stop some from Stephen King's novel, and fans have come back to IMDB to find out who will play their adult incarnation. In addition to giving another scary dose of Bill Skarsgard as PennyWise the Clown, It: Chapter two is getting equally horrible groping dresses, including Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader. Think of us ready to swim!

4. ''Joker''

Interesting for this movie was centered on Batman's most famous enemy, when it was revealed that Joaquin Phoenix (and his Anton Chigurah Baal) would play the role of Clown Prince of Crime alongside an artist, in which Robert De Niro and the grand newcomer Jazzie Beatz Also included. In the initial costume tests, a form that simulates the 60s version of Cesar Romero's character appears. But with the Phoenix on board, we're guessing the most horrific performance since the Oscar-winning turn of great Heath Ledger in Late, Knight.

5. ''Aladdin"

The good thing is that there is anticipation of such a performance for Disney's live-action remake, because in the studio there is a trio of their coming in 2019, in which Aladine is the leader in the pack in terms of popularity on IMDB. In fact, international artists are creating a lot of interest because fans have introduced themselves to this newcomer named Mena Masood (Aladdin), Naomi Scott J(asmine), and Will Smith. In truth, we all are prudent to see the Prince's interpretation of the genie's latest prince ... because initial reports have said that his performance is right there.

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